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In this article, we decided to open a series of essays about the hormones and what action hormones have on the organism of an athlete, especially the bodybuilder . The material is not static as new data article will be updated. So testosterone . Many scholars call this steroid hormone , male hormone, or so, which made of asexual human Apollo-man. Much in the bodybuilder – lifestyle behaviors in society, aggressiveness, depending on the level (concentration) of testosterone in the blood. Function. which carries testosterone in the body is different: it helps the growth of muscles, more intensive metabolism, provides the ability to continue the male body of its kind. Minimal changes of concentration of testosterone in the blood lead to significant changes in the external forms of man and his behavior. So, for example, one of the men whose testosterone concentration in the blood is below normal by 11-13% looks effeminate, soft and sensitive.

rohmtritest[1]At that time, like those of the men who have in their blood concentration of testosterone is much more aggressive in their behavior, in addition, the survival instinct they largely suppressed above the norm by 11-13%. What is your level of testosterone is considered that the concentration of testosterone in the blood of men with each successive year after 40 years to become below 1%. After spending some simple mathematical calculations it is clear that the age of 60 a man loses 20% of his testosterone rules. This fact, according to andrology, experts in the field of male sex hormones leads to the top of the male menopause. Male menopause is characterized by symptoms such as increased bone fragility, in turn, reduce the volume of muscle tissue, slowing of metabolism, decreased immunity and total disability. What reasons lead to a decrease in testosterone hormone level among the main reasons that lead to a decrease in testosterone following : smoking, drinking alcohol in its various versions (from beer to vodka), obesity.

The thing is that the same ethyl alcohol , which is included in all without exception of alcoholic drinks is a suppressor of the last synthesis in the gonads. Obesity, or excess body weight , takes the third step among the reasons why the synthesis of testosterone in the male body. We all know that in addition to the male sex hormone produced in men and also the female sex hormones in much smaller quantities. It should be known that obesity, body weight gain of more than 30% above normal body blocks testosterone male sex glands and starts to increase the production of estrogen and progesterone. As a result, the male figure takes female traits. How to naturally increase testosterone production there are a few simple guidelines, adhering to which it is possible to achieve a slight increase in the body’s own production of testosterone .

First of all, this is a balanced, nutritious food, overeating, and the rejection of a return to a normal weight. The second – a rejection of bad habits, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption . And the third – sports, active lifestyle . Surprisingly, most of these recommendations is easy to bring to life starting from today, not waiting until your “motor” will cease to wind up due to lack of the male sex hormone. To enrich your knowledge base on the testosterone present some interesting facts about it: 1. Testosterone is produced in the male testes 2. Biologically active is just testosterone, dissolved in the blood plasma. Here you can Buy Tri-Test in UK without any risk! 3. Advantageous Effects of testosterone on the body is the growth of muscles and bones, but both of these effects are manifested only when enhanced physical activity / training. 4. Prolonged or uncontrolled doctor receiving testosterone as a doping can reduce the amount of male sex glands, which in turn will affect the impossibility of synthesis of testosterone by the body of a man. I think that further explain the implications of this is not necessary, and so all understand what this means. Additional Materials: tritest 400.

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