Unigen Lifesciences Oxavar (Anavar/Oxandrolone) 10mg x 50

Oxavar – it almost ideal steroid, deAR-02-Unigen-Oxavar-50-tabs-per-box-10mg-per-tab[1]veloped on the basis of oxandrolone and having extremely low androgenicity, and thus very high anabolic activity greater than anabolic characteristics of testosterone to 4 times.

The weightlifting and body building are highly valued properties of these tablets is the best drug for relief construction, tough, extremely dry muscles, fat burning liquid excretion from the body, as well as for lifting force indicators and stimulation of growth hormone synthesis.

What is Oxavar history of application

oxandrolone – In 1964, the active ingredient is a steroid was developed in the United States. Initially, it was created for medical purposes for the treatment of women and even children. Medical guide describes Oxaver tablets as a therapeutic and prophylactic drug for anemia, osteoporosis, HIV infections, burns and as a whole to recover after surgery. Low androgenic and very low toxicity even allowed to take his children.

Of course, the sport was quickly appreciated the action of this agent, and the drug has taken a leading position among anabolic steroids, and on its basis later developed many modern steroids. Today it is used by both professional athletes as well as beginners and amateurs. This is one of the few drugs possible to accept female athletes and young athletes.

Characteristic: Oxavar side effects

Tablets Oxavar and its analogs have modified molecule basis dihydrotestosterone, wherein the second carbon atom is substituted with an oxygen atom. As a result of sharply increased anabolic effect of the drug, and greatly reduced androgens. Lack of estrogenic and progestogenic activity has reduced side effects from Oxaver Vermodje to a minimum and the positive effect of the drug appears almost immediately. Before taking this steroid, the athlete has to be to gain muscle mass, which will be dried and oxandrolone, but should not be excess fat.

The main effect of substances aimed at enhancing generation creatine phosphate and gonadotropin. There is a rapid withdrawal of water from the tissues, muscles become more dry and hard, while increasing strength and endurance.

Oxaver (10 mg / tab) aromatizing not, and uncommon adverse events for him. In some cases, nausea and headaches may experience a decrease in appetite and libido on the course. Tablets weakly toxic to liver and slightly reduce the body’s production of testosterone.

Cost Oxavar (oxandrolone) is not low, and the pharmacy did not buy, but the price is justified by the quality. The course of this preparation the results are stored for a long time, and most importantly, the medicine is safe. Steroid retains calcium and promotes bone growth, and that is especially important for the juniors.

You can not be afraid of how much such oral drug, the Forum of our website is filled with positive comments about him and the relationship between price and quality. You can also at the Forum to talk to specialists who have experience with various drugs.

These pills if created for use in the drying period before the demonstrations, as well as the fit and to just keep yourself toned form. It is important to observe the training mode and a sports diet.

How to take Oxavar

The length of the course of the preparation of 6-8 weeks at a dosage of 50-150 mg per day for men. The amount of drug should be selected athlete individually, depending on the level of training and goals. If the reception is carried out for the athlete experienced extreme drying, the dose can be increased (up to 200 mg). But the best and most suitable for athletes dosage of 80 mg is considered to be the day.

Suppose there Oxaver course for women? It is recommended not more than 10-20 mg per day, but since the drug does not possess any estrogenic or progestogenic activity, the dosage can be increased. It is desirable to do so, of course, after consultation with a specialist.

The use of these pills solo well manifests itself in the drying of muscles, but if an athlete wants to simultaneously increase the volume of muscle, the drug should be used in combination with other steroids, giving a net weight gain. This means the excess water will be drained at once and athlete yielding a qualitative gain weight.

On the question of how to take Oxavar during the day, the answer is unequivocal. The daily dose should be divided into 2-3 doses, to provide a constantly high concentration of active substance in the body. Active drug stores for 8-12 hours after ingestion of the tablet. Course, in fact, does not require reception of antiestrogens and concomitant medications. The maximum that may be necessary, it is a testosterone booster or preparations of growth hormone. The athlete does not threaten gynecomastia, and women should not be afraid of virilization.

Oxavar: reviews. Where to buy Oxandrolone in the UK?

Since the inception of the active ingredient of the drug has been more than half a century, but its exceptional properties are not inferior to this day none of the newer ones. On the contrary, many have accumulated opinions and reviews about Oxaver several generations of athletes only confirm the high efficacy of the drug. He does not know equal parts drying muscle and fat burning.

Oxavar reviews posted on our Forum, show that the drug does not cause any side effects, of course, when used in reasonable doses. Many opinions there are on the women who took the drug and personally convinced of its safety.

If you have doubts about the drug, reviews Oxaver, certainly will help you make a decision. On our forum you can personally interact with the authors of reviews, as well as get advice from qualified professionals who will determine whether the drug is right for you, and pick up the dosage for you personally.

Reviews Oxavar Vermodzhi from the Forum can leave everyone with experience of taking the drug. It is worth noting that all opinions about the drug positive, the athletes are happy with the resulting rigid relief muscles and raised power rates.

After examining the statements in the network, you can make a reasonable conclusion that the best results are achieved athletes taking not the biggest dosage of the drug, but write a good rate and a combination of steroids.

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